Partners In Prayer Israel Tour 2020


Partners in Prayer aims to introduce people to the land of the Bible by exploring God’s Word and traveling to the nation of Israel. We put wings to the mandate given to us by scripture, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you, and the entire world will be blessed because of you.” Genesis 12:3. Visiting the land of Israel is a great way to bless and be blessed!

Son Broadcasting’s Partners in Prayer invite you to join us as we travel to Israel.  If you have dreamed of going and walking in the steps of Yeshua, this is your time.  If you have been before and said you would return, this is your time.  Come join us March 27th – April 6th, 2020.  The price is to be determined from Albuquerque.  For more details give us a call at 505.345.1991.  A $500 deposit will reserve your seat.  Let’s walk the land together, let’s worship on the Sea of Galilee, let’s meet the people and experience the Bible come to life!

2020 Israel Tour Highlights & Information!

March 27th – Day 1: Departure from Albuquerque (Friday)

Albuquerque to San Francisco

March 28th – Day 2: Arrival Jaffa and Mediterranean Sea (Saturday)

Arrive at International Airport, Tel Aviv.  Transfer from Ben Gurion Airport to the hotel.

Jaffa – Cedars of Lebanon sent to the old port by Kink of Tyre and destined for Solomon’s Temple.  Here Peter brought Tabitha back from the dead and prophesied the vision of pure and un-pure animals.

Overnight: Ramada Hotel – Nethanya

 Mach 29th – Day 3: Mediterranean Sea – Galilee (Sunday)

Caesarea – The ancient Roman seaport capital, where the first gentile was baptized.  Here we will tour the Roman aqueduct and Mediterranean Sea.

Mt. Carmel – Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Jezreel Valley, where the prophet Elijah called upon the fire of God to conquer the Prophets of Baal.

Migiddo – Armageddon, the Strategically Old Testament town located on the main routes between Babylonia and Egypt.

Nazareth Village – Nazareth is the site of the Annunciation and where Nazarenes attempted to throw Jesus off the cliff.  The site is bringing the life of a Galilean village and its rural surrounding from 2000 years ago.

Overnight: Ginosar/Ein Gev – Sea of Galilee

March 30th – Day 4: Sea of Galilee (Monday)

(Mt. Arbel – The Cliff Fortress and outlook vantage point of the entire Sea of Galilee)

Capernaum – The base of Jesus’ Galilee Ministry!  Here He found His disciples, healed the sick, preached in the synagogue and performed miracles.

Mount of Beatitudes – The hill where Jesus delivered His Sermon on the Mount.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility and walk down to the lake (Matthew 5).

Migdal (Magdala) – The Jewish town recently excavated and the Synagogue From the time of Jesus.

Fish Lunch – Traditional “St. Peter Fish” dish

Boat ride – Memorable boat ride and time to fellowship on the Sea of Galilee

Korazim – Ancient Synagogue and Jewish town.  Jesus rebuked the town for the lack of faith and for spurning his miracles.

Overnight:  Ginosar/ Ein Gev – Sea of Galilee

March 31st – Day 5: Upper Galilee and Golan (Tuesday)

Tel Hatzor – Largest old testament era site in Israel – “The head of all those kingdoms”

Tel Dan – Beautiful Biblical site and a walk around one of the rivers feeding the Jordan.

Caesarea Philippi  – The city of goat-footed God Pan.  It was here that Jesus revealed to His disciples who He was…

Druze Lunch

Mt. Hermon (Drive by) – Mountian of Transfiguration – The Strategic importance of the highest mountain

Golan Heights – Learn its strategic importance from the Peace lookout and/or Mt. Bental

Olea Essence – Olive oil Manufactures

Overnight: Dan Boutique/ Grand Court Jerusalem

April 1st – Day 6: Galilee –  Jerusalem (Wednesday)

Beit She’an – After losing in battle to the Philistines, King Saul and his sons were hung from the city walls.  One of the 10 cities of the Decapolis.  The largest of Israel archeological digs.  The ancient city offers a fabulous insight into Roman life and times.

Mt. Gerizim – Appears in the Pentateuch as the mountain of the Blessing and plays a prominent role in Samaritan tradition.  View place of Joshua’s altar on Mt. Ebal

Shiloh – Major Israelite cultic center and place of the Tabernacle before the first Temple was built in Jerusalem.

Prophet Samuel Tomb – Traditional Tomb and panoramic view to Jerusalem and Samaria

Mt. Scopes – Blessing and Toast.

Overnight: Dan Boutique/ Grand Court – Jerusalem

April 2nd – Day 7: Dead Sea – Jerusalem (Thursday)

Masada – Herod’s mountain top palace and fortress.  We will learn about the last Jewish stand against the Romans and the mass suicide of the Jewish defenders.

Ein Gedi – The beautiful oasis that hosts the caves where David hid from Saul.

Qumran – We will visit the excavated site and view the location where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Kaser el Yahud – The Baptismal site on the banks of the Jordan where most likely Jesus was baptized by John

Dead Sea Swim

Overnight: Dan Boutique/ Grand Court – Jerusalem

April 3rd – Day 8: Jerusalem (Friday)

Mount of Olives – We begin viewing Jerusalem, from here we walk down along a similar path as that Jesus took when entering the city on Palm Sunday

Garden of Gethsemane – The site where Jesus prayed at the Rock of Agony the Garden and later arrested.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher – On grounds of tradition alone, the church that is the best candidate for the location of crucifixion and the tomb of Christ’s burial.

Jewish Quarter and Herodian Mansion – Walk through the Cardo Maxima, Hezekiah’s wide wall, Herodian Mansion possibel house of Caiaphas where Jesus was imprisoned.

Shorashim – Building a bridge between Christian and Jews, a talk with Moshe Kempinsky

Temple Institute – Learn about different aspects of the Biblical commandment to build the Holy Temple

Mahane Yehuda Market – “The Shuk” one of the most famous food markets in the middle east transformed into one of Jerusalem’s main cultural centers.

Overnight: Dan Boutique/ Grand Court – Jerusalem

April 4th – Day 9: The Inner Valleys (Saturday)

Emmaus and VAlley of Ayalon – Here Joshua Bin Nun met his enemies and Judah the Maccabi confronted his foes.  Here Jesus appeared after his death and resurrection.

Ayalon Institute – Bullet Factory, fascinating and mysterious stories in the history of the struggle for the establishment of the state of Isreal under the nose of the British.

Bell Caves and Tel Maresha – Cisterns, chanbers, oil presses, baths, colombaria, stables, burial caves and more, the underground of the former Hellenistic towns of Maresha and Beit Guvrin.

Tel Azekah and Valley of Elah – The immortal battle of David and Goliath.

Tel Lachish – Second most imporant fortified city of Judea after Jerusalem.  A key city for the conquest of Assyria.  View the Assyrian seige ramp, and the new excavation of the gate complex.

Friends of Zion Museum – New interactive museum, tells the stry of non-Jewish support to the State of Isreal and the Jewish people.

Overnight:  Dan Boutique/ Grand Court – Jerusalem

April 5th – Day 10: Jerusalem (Sunday)

Temple Mt. – Mount Moriah where Abraham almost sacrificed his only son, site of the first and second Temples, where Jesus conflicted with the Sadducees.

Western Wall  – “The Wailing Wall”, the holiest place for the Jews.  Some may with to leave a hand written note in the crevices of the wall…

Rabbinical Tunnel – Descend to the entire length of the Western Wall and see its greatest foundation stone.

Church of St. Anne – Located by the pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the paralytic.

Eastern Gate – Walk along the entire Eastern wall, viewing the Goden Gate Pinnacle of the Temple, Kidron Valley and Mount of Olives.

City of David – We will be guided through the site and new excavation including an opportunity to walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel and re-surface at the pool of Siloam.

Southern Temple area and Davidson Center – South wall excavations,  Southern steps and gates of the Temple.

Overnight: Dan Boutique/ Grand Court – Jerusalem

April 6th – Day 11: Jerusalem (Monday)

Knessset & Menora – The parliament of Isreal an the special gift and act of reconciliation from the United Kingdom.

Shrine of the Book – Here, we can see many original fragments of the Dead Sea scrolls.

Isreali Museum Model – A fabulous reconstruction of Herodian Jerusalem and Temple will enable us a better understanding of Jerusalem from time of Jesus.

Isreali Museum Archeology – View the most comprehensive artifact collection, evidence to major landmarks of Biblical history.

Yad Vashem – Isreal’s national monument, memorial and museum to the Holocaust.

Ein Kerem – Picturesque traditional birth place of John the Baptist surrounded by green hills, forest and church towers.

Farewell Dinner & Transfer to the airport for a midnight flight.

 Return to the USA

Disclaimer:  Due to the days being shorter, it may not be possible to see everything that is listed.  We reserve the right to change portions of this itinerary in order to make sure you get the very best experience.  

Cost: $To be determined

Deposit: $500

Price Includes:

  • Airline: From Albuquerque to Tel Aviv and back
  • Hotels
  • Touring in a deluxe air-conditioned motor coach
  • English speaking guide
  • Full Israeli breakfast and dinner for the days of touring (soft drinks excluded)
  • Porterage at hotels
  • Entrance fees to all sites/activities
  • Tips for tour guide/driver/hotel

Not Included:

  • Lunches (approximately $15 per day)
  • Snacks, water, souvenirs or gifts
  • Robe for baptism or items of a personal nature
  • Travel Insurance (Highly recommended) with Travel Insured International
  • Additional increase in fuel charges Any items not mentioned


For more information call Jamie Lujan at 505-288-4849 or email us here