Blackie GonzalesIn 1971, Belarmino “Blackie” Gonzales purchased AM730 KDAZ, then, a country station. By 1975, Blackie’s life had been transformed, and his passion to serve the Lord radiated into every aspect of his personal and business decisions. He, and wife Angie, decided that the station should be transformed to broadcast solely Christian content.

“Christ is Here” was the first locally produced Christian program broadcast live from the KDAZ Studio. Soon thereafter, “God Answers Prayer” was launched. Local pastors hosted the program and prayed with callers. These two radio programs eventually became the concept behind KCHF TV’s flagship program “God Answers Prayer”.

In 1976, God gave Blackie a vision to start a television program. It was produced and aired on the local ABC affiliate. The Lord’s message to Blackie (confirmed through prayer and prophesy) was that He would not only provide for the television program, but for a television station as well! Later that same year, the application for Son Broadcasting was filed with the FCC.

Early in 1977, a fundraising goal was established. Blackie trusted the Lord to bring the $500,000 that was needed for the establishment of the television station. KDAZ held a seven day radio share-a-thon to raise the necessary funds to launch KCHF TV. By the end of the week, $481,000 had been raised, and the entire $500,000 goal had been met just three days later.

Over the next few years, there were many miracles, despite the opposition that was levied against the station. Raising funds, getting building permits and seeing all construction completed took a mighty move of God. But He was faithful! On January 21, 1984, Channel 11, Son Broadcasting, went on the air.

These many years later, KDAZ and KCHF remain faithful, broadcasting messages of hope and healing to the people of New Mexico. Son Broadcasting has been an example of fine Christian programming and will continue to “Let the Light Shine In” until the return of Christ!